Guidelines for Restaurant Reimbursement Program


1. Purpose and intent
  • These guidelines are intended to facilitate the efficient, effective, and consistent implementation of the Miami Beach Restaurant Reimbursement Grant Program.
2. Eligible businesses
  • Restaurant located within the City of Miami Beach
3. Ineligible businesses
  • Nightclubs, bars (without restaurant), mobile food trucks or carts, restaurants within hotels and home-based businesses
  • Restaurants utilizing a Pop-up permit
  • Restaurants with outstanding code violation(s)
  • Restaurants that are part of a chain/franchise
4. Requirements
  • Applicable City of Miami Beach/Miami-Dade County/State of Florida licenses must be up to date
  • Miami Beach Business Tax Receipt must be in paid status (with consideration of the new BTR payment options)
  • Applicant must be a business that was or became operational (as evidenced by a City of Miami Beach Certificate of Use or Business Tax Receipt) prior to October 31, 2020.
  • Restaurant owner/operator/applicant shall have no outstanding code liens, fines or violations, pending litigation with the City of Miami Beach or any unpaid ad valorem property taxes (if owner of the property).
  • Regardless of reimbursement amount being requested (up to $1,000), only one grant application per business is allowed.
  • Grant application must be signed by the president/general manager/majority owner of the business.
  • Applicants may not submit multiple applications using different partners, family members or other persons.
  • An applicant (including the applicant’s spouse, parents or children) may only submit one application for a single restaurant for which the applicant (including his or her spouse, parent or children) holds a “controlling interest.” The term “controlling interest” shall mean either (i) the power to direct the management and decisions (both major decisions and day-to-day operational decisions) of any restaurant, whether the restaurant is held through a corporation, partnership, trust or any other type of entity, or (ii) a majority ownership of the outstanding capital stock of any such entity.
  • Accordingly, if an applicant (including his or her spouse, parent or children) holds a controlling interest in more than one eligible restaurant, only one of those restaurants may apply for and receive funding through the Program, even if the restaurant has more than one owner. To be considered, applications must be completed in full, signed and submitted via the designated e-mail/online platform. Applications may not be hand-delivered by the applicant.
  • Submit appropriate invoice(s) and proof of payment with back-up documentation acceptable to the City of Miami Beach.
  • To receive the reimbursement payment, the business must be “open and in business” as determined by the City of Miami Beach, in its sole discretion.
5. Eligible expenses for reimbursement
  • Expenses for delivery service fees from apps including UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash and Postmates among others.
  • Only those expenses incurred between the March 12, 2020 emergency declaration by the City Manager and October 31, 2020
6. Proof of payment for reimbursement - to be reimbursed, businesses must provide the following:
  • A copy of the paid invoice and a receipt which should clearly identify the business, the business address and a description of the services that were obtained by the business with a statement or stamp that says PAID.
  • A copy of the method of payment:
  • If paid by check, a copy of both sides of the cancelled check.
  • If paid by credit card, a copy of the credit card receipt to confirm payment for the invoice was made to the vendor/service provider.
  • If paid by cash, a copy of the cash receipt which must note CASH paid in full with the signature of the vendor/service provider.
7. Grant application window
  • Application available online on November 1, 2020 at 8:00 am
  • Applications evaluated and processed on a first-come, first-qualified, first-served basis
  • Application open until funds are exhausted
- Interested parties may contact the City of Miami Beach Economic Development Department via for more information or clarification related to the Miami Beach Restaurant Reimbursement Grant Program.
- Applicant should thoroughly review application guidelines to ensure eligibility. Eligibility will be determined by city staff.
- The City of Miami Beach reserves the right to deny any submitted application if it is determined such application does not meet the intent, criteria or requirements of the program.