Guidelines for Cultural Anchors

Fiscal Year 2020/21

Program Guidelines and Application Instructions

Cultural Anchors

The Cultural Arts Grant Program provides grants for operating funds to organizations with major preeminent and smaller arts institutions physically based in the City of Miami Beach, whose primary mission is year-round artistic and cultural programming that contributes significantly to the cultural life of the City of Miami Beach. Grants may be used towards operational expenses in association with the annual cultural programming described in the grant application.

Cultural Anchor organizations include Oolite Arts, The Bass Museum of Art, Jewish Museum of Florida, Miami City Ballet, Miami Design Preservation League, Miami New Drama, New World Symphony, Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS-FIU), Wolfsonian – FIU, Holocaust Memorial Committee, Miami Beach Film Society, Miami Beach Garden Conservancy (Miami Beach Botanical Garden), Miami Dade Public Library, O Cinema, The Rhythm Foundation, and University of Wynwood (O,Miami).

Cultural Anchors are not permitted to apply for any other City of Miami Beach Cultural Arts Grant Program category.

The Cultural Arts Grant Program is made possible through the vision and support of the Miami Beach Mayor and City Commission.

Mayor Dan Gelber


Micky Steinberg
Mark Samuelian
Michael Góngora
Steven Meiner

Ricky Arriola
David Richardson

Jimmy Morales, City Manager

Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council

Dawn McCall, Chair
Laurence Moser, Vice-Chair
Ray Breslin

Bruce Carter
Victoria Elliott
Britta Hanson

Tiffany Lapciuc
Cheryl Jacobs
Vanessa Menkes
Israel Sands
Sam Rabin

Cultural Affairs Program Staff
Brandi Reddick, Cultural Affairs Program Manager

Geraldine Toussaint, Cultural Affairs Grants and Operations Administrator

Office: 1755 Meridian Avenue, 5th Floor, Suite 500, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: 305-673-7577 


About the Cultural Arts Grant Program

The City of Miami Beach Cultural Arts Grant Program is an annual grants program that is open to nonprofit, 501(c)(3) cultural organizations and cultural departments within an institution of higher learning (college or university) with tax-exempt status under other subsections of 501(c)(3) wishing to present or produce cultural and artistic events in the City of Miami Beach.

The grant program was originally created in 1998 as an essential component of the mission of the Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council, which is to develop, coordinate, and promote the arts in the City of Miami Beach community. Since the program’s inception, the City of Miami Beach Mayor and Commission and the Cultural Arts Council have awarded approximately $18 million in cultural arts grants, supporting thousands of performances, exhibits, and other cultural activities in Miami Beach. The grants program is managed by professional staff from the City of Miami Beach’s Department of Tourism and Culture division of Cultural Affairs.
In an effort to address the needs of the arts community, the Cultural Arts Council and Staff review each of the proposed programs annually. Suggestions and ideas are received from grantees, grants panelists, members of the Cultural Arts Council and other granting organizations. Cultural Affairs welcomes this input, so that it can continually grow and improve its programs. Program application periods, relevant deadlines, program guidelines, applications, and instructions are announced in January via electronic mail and through its website ( This information is also available upon request via email to Geraldine Toussaint at

Pre-application requirements
Applicants must upload the following documents electronically or the pre-application will not be approved:
  • Organization’s 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status letter dated within the past two years. Updated letters can be obtained via fax and mail by calling the Internal Revenue Service at 1-877-829-5500. Please note that nonprofit corporations are required to be registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, per the Solicitation of Contributions Act,, under Charitable Organizations.
  • Signed IRS Form 990 reflecting the organization’s prior year budget.
  • Current Board Membership with contact information for each member
  • Current Staff List with brief biographies for each staff member
  • Most up-to-date Organizational Chart Organizational Chart for 20/21

Maximum Request Amounts
$25,000 for Anchors with annual organizational budgets below $750,000
$30,000 for Anchors with annual organizational budgets between $750,000 and 3.5M
$35,000 for Anchors with annual organizational budgets at or above $3.5M

Eligibility Requirements

Only nonprofit cultural organizations in Miami Beach with a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or cultural departments within an institution of higher learning (college or university) with tax-exempt status under other subsections of 501(c)(3) are eligible. Cultural Affairs staff will determine eligibility and discuss guidelines with new applicants during the required consultation. Organizations applying through a “fiscal agent” are not eligible. Organizations which received prior year Cultural Affairs grant funding, and which did not comply with the Grant Agreement and/or other requirements pursuant to same are ineligible to apply. Additionally, organizations which received funding from the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (VCA) during the same fiscal year are not eligible to apply. Applicants are required to furnish a minimum $1 to $1 funding match (in cash, in-kind, or a combination of both). A City of Miami Beach Cultural Affairs grant shall not be considered the sole source of funding. Applicants are encouraged to explore additional funding sources such as the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs (305-375-4634), Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs (850-487-2980), private sources, etc.

Compliance with Laws / Good Standing With the City: The Grantee agrees to abide by and be governed by all applicable Federal, State, County, and City laws, including but not limited to Miami-Dade County's Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Ordinance, as amended, which is incorporated herein by reference as if fully set forth herein, and Chapter 2, Article VII of the Miami Beach City Code, as amended, which is incorporated herein by reference as if fully set forth herein. Grantee shall maintain its good standing in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and the City of Miami Beach Code of Ordinances (“City Code”), and shall comply with any City Code requirement applicable to Grantee or to the Grantee’s operation its business or other activities in the City of Miami Beach, including, without limitation, obtaining any Certificate of Use or Business Tax Receipt(s) that may be required for any business activity, timely making payment of all taxes, fees or charges that may be due to the City of Miami Beach. Grantee shall promptly take corrective action to correct any City Code violation or notice of violation issued by any governmental agency with jurisdiction over Grantee. Further, Grantee agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of any lease, contract, or other grant agreement that Grantee may have separately entered into with the City of Miami Beach (“Other City Contracts”). Any failure by Grantee to comply with any provision of the City Code applicable to Grantee, or any breach or default by the Grantee of any covenant or other term or condition contained in any Other City Contracts (after the passage of any applicable notice and cure provision set forth therein), shall, at the option of the City, be considered a Default (as such term is defined more fully below in Article II, Section 14 of this Agreement), in which event the City shall be entitled (but in no event required) to apply all rights and remedies available to the City under the terms of this Agreement by reason of a Grantee’s breach or failure to comply with said obligations.

Grantee shall comply with Florida Public Records law under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, as may be amended from time to time.

Evaluation Criteria

Cultural Impact
  • Innovative and creative merit of proposed program contributes to Miami Beach’s portfolio of cultural offerings and artistic excellence
Social and Community Impact
  • Diverse programming
  • Collaborative efforts with other Miami Beach Cultural Anchors or Presenters
  • Development of audience engagement
Economic Impact
  • Promotes Miami Beach’s cultural tourism as an international cultural destination
  • Documented balance between multi-year fiscal responsibility and accuracy

Artistic and cultural projects must
  • Exhibits, productions, or programs must be presented during the 2019-2020 season and scheduled for the 2020-2021 season, including participating artists, locations/venues, and dates.
  • Have a minimum $1 to $1 funding match
  • Be accessible to the public

Staff Consultation
If requested by Cultural Affairs program staff, qualified cultural organizations may be required to schedule an initial consultation with Cultural Affairs staff to determine eligibility. Additional staff consultations may be necessary prior to submission of the full application to determine completeness and acceptability. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Board Training
Pursuant to Resolution 2018-30552, Grantees with annual operating budgets less than $5M which receive $25,000 or more in City funds are required to have 51% or more of its board membership complete the City’s training for board members of non-profit agencies, who must have received such training within the last two years prior to Grantee receiving City funds.

Allowable Grant Expenditures:

General Operating including:
· Artistic, technical, and outside artistic fees directly related to the proposed program or event that occur within the City of Miami Beach;
  • Marketing, publicity, and printing;
  • Honoraria;
  • Postage;
  • Equipment rental and expendable materials;
  • Equipment rental and personnel necessary to provide program accessibility as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973;
  • Space rental (performance-related only); and
  • Production costs related to the proposed program, project or event;
Grant Use Restrictions (grant funds may not be used towards):
  • Projects that are primarily recreational, political, therapeutic, vocational, rehabilitative or intended solely for practitioners of a specific religion;
  • Remuneration of City of Miami Beach employees for any services rendered as part of a project funded by the City’s Cultural Affairs grant program;
  • Administrative salaries or fees (Cultural Anchors are excluded from this restriction);
  • "Bricks and mortar" or permanent equipment (unless the purchase price is less than the cost of rental);
  • City of Miami Beach fees or services (City permit fees, off-duty police, insurance, electrician, etc.);
  • Debt reduction;
  • Contests;
  • Indirect or general operating costs related to the operation of the organization (Cultural Anchors are excluded from this restriction);
  • Travel or transportation;
  • Insurance fees;
  • Social/fundraising events, beauty pageants, or sporting events;
  • Hospitality costs, including decorations or affiliate personnel with the exception of artists;
  • Cash prizes;
  • Lobbying or propaganda materials;
  • Charitable contributions;
  • Events not open to the public; unless the event serves to specifically benefit City of Miami Beach government.

Please contact Cultural Affairs Program staff for any questions regarding grant-related expenditures.

Program Policies

The Cultural Arts Grant Program
is a public process governed by the Florida Government in the Sunshine Law. All Panel meetings are advertised and open to the public and all documents are available for inspection by the public.

Past receipt of grant awards, financial need, and merit of an application do not in themselves guarantee funding. Prior year grant recipients must submit a completed final report form no later than the date indicated in their current grant, in order to be eligible to receive next year’s grant funds (if awarded). Additionally, once the final report has been reviewed, grant recipients must submit any additional required documentation by the deadline provided or the grant recipient will be non-compliant and ineligible to receive remaining grant funds, and ineligible to receive next year’s grant funds if awarded.

Multiple organizations may not apply for City of Miami Beach Cultural Affairs grant funding towards the same project. An organization may submit only one application each grant year.

Cultural Affairs and the Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council do not fund: Capital expenditures; travel outside of the local Miami-Dade County area; hospitality; debt reduction; organizational fundraising; City of Miami Beach services; or administrative and staff salaries.

Application and Final Report deadlines will be strictly enforced.

All grant recipients must provide equal access and equal opportunity in employment and services, and may not discriminate on the basis of disability, color, creed, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

To request this material in alternate format, sign language interpreter (five-day notice required), information on access for persons with disabilities, and/or any accommodation to review any document or participate in any City-sponsored proceedings, call 305-604-2489 and select 1 for English or 2 for Spanish, then option 6; TTY users may call via 711 (Florida Relay Service).

In the event that Cultural Affairs staff determines the need to monitor grant recipients and events funded by these City grants, the Cultural Affairs staff may request tickets or waived admission for distribution to Cultural Arts Council members.

Application Timeline and Instructions

Initial Consultations with Applicants (Optional for Anchors)
Applicant eligibility and appropriate grant program will be determined during the consultation. Appointments are scheduled on a “first come first serve” basis and must be scheduled at least one week in advance. It is in the best interest of the applicant to schedule this appointment as early as possible in the event that a second consultation review is necessary. Please call Geraldine Toussaint at 305-673-0000 ext. 26884 or email to schedule an appointment.

Application Submission Deadlines

Intent to Apply (Pre-Application) + Guidelines Available Online: Monday, January 6, 8:30 am EST
Pre-Application Deadline: Friday, January 24, 5:00 pm EST

Full Application Available: Monday, January 27, 8:30 am EST
Full Application Deadline: Friday, February 14, 5:00 pm EST

Staff Review & Response Period: Monday, February 17 - Friday, February 28

Full application Resubmission Deadline (corrections only): Friday, March 6, 2020, 5:00 pm EST

The Cultural Affairs Program reserves the right to revise published information. Please call Geraldine Toussaint at 305-673-000 ext. 26884 or visit to confirm information, including but not limited to, meeting dates and times. The Office of Cultural Affairs reserves the right to make changes in meeting dates and times as it deemed necessary.

Panel Meeting

Cultural Anchors' applications will be reviewed by the Cultural Arts Council at a Panel Meeting to be held on:

Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 10:00 AM,
in the Tourism and Culture Department Conference Room: 1755 Meridian Avenue, 5th Floor, Suite 500, Miami Beach, FL 33139

All meetings are publicly noticed. It is strongly suggested that applicants attend their respective Panel Meeting. During the Panel Meeting, applicants are permitted only to respond to questions from panelists. Applicants are strictly prohibited from speaking during any other part of the Panel Meeting. Persons requiring special accommodations must make the request at least 72 hours prior to the Panel Meeting. Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council panelists follow rigorous conflict-of-interest guidelines. They do not participate in funding deliberations affecting organizations with which they have been affiliated as employees or board members within the past three years. Once the Panel has reviewed and scored an application the decision of the Panel thereto shall be final.

Funding distribution will be decided at the regular Cultural Arts Council meeting on Thursday, July 9, 2020. These initial funding recommendations will be submitted to the City of Miami Beach’s Mayor and Commission for final review and approval during the City’s annual budget hearing in September 2020. Upon final approval of the grant awards, grantees are required to attend a mandatory Grants Workshop. Grant contracts are distributed to awarded applicants at the required Grants Workshop. Grantees will then complete and sign their grant contracts, including detailed project descriptions and itemized project/grant award budgets. These contracts also contain provisions for monitoring, performance, and enforcement, which are implemented by Cultural Affairs staff. Fifty percent (50%) of grant funds are distributed upon receipt of proof of 1:1 grant match and signed/completed contracts by the stated deadline. Prior year grant recipients must submit a completed FY19/20 Final Report form no later than October 16, 2020 and meet any subsequent requirements/deadlines in order to be eligible to receive FY 20/21 grant funds.

Please note: All organizations must be registered as Lobbyists with the City of Miami Beach City Clerk’s office prior to presenting to the Grant Panelists. Nonprofit organizations are exempt from paying the fee but must still register. For more information, please call 305-673-7411 or visit